Great Wave off Kanagawa MEGA Patch

A Mr. X rendition of Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai. A beautiful MEGA rendition.

Fully embroidered patch with hook backing
Patch: 9.31" wide by 6.25" tall
Laser engraved bamboo frame with hook Backing
Frame: 11.78" wide by 8.7" tall
(4.0 times bigger than the original patch)

Hokusai, a Japanese artist, created this iconic woodblock print using the traditional Japanese ukiyo-e technique. The Wave’s popularity comes from its relatability. It is an epic scene of human struggle and natural terror. The simple and powerful composition of the mountain and the shape of the wave strikes right at the heart of the observer.

MR. X:
Mr. X’s sharp attention to detail and design elevates this patch to the next level. The wave is bold to capture your attention above all the other elements. Mr. X dimmed the background sky for a pleasant effect, which allows the wave to keep strong focus. All the components and the overall feeling of the original painting is expertly conveyed in these stitches!

November 2, 2020

Special Detail: Subdued background to give the Great Wave more emphasis and pop!

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