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Curators of X

✖️✖️ Curators of X  
The complete Mr. X Collection has reached 144 patches! The brand continues this amazing journey, with each release living up to the quality and epicness that everyone expects from an X. There are many individuals that have collected Mr. X patches from the very beginning. And those who have joined us along this journey and have caught up on their collections. I have created a group for the individuals that have large Mr. X collections... Curators of X.  
✖️✖️ Benefits of Membership  
-Exclusive sneak peaks and walk-throughs of art and patch designs
-Random giveaways, pre-INs, and off-schedule drops exclusive to this group
-1 of 1s, prototypes, and blem giveaways
-Exclusive patch releases only available to Curators
✖️✖️ Entry Requirements (complete list below):  
Own 85 different Mr. X Patches as of August 10, 2020
***If you meet this threshold, please send me a PM on FaceBook

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Curator Exclusive Collection
*these do not count towards Curator Entry Requirements
01 - Golden X by Skinz *sold out
02 - Pirate Flag v1.1 - Gold *available for new Curators
03 - Mr. X Curators Ranger Eyes v1 *gifted randomly
04 - Pirate Flag v2.1 - Gold *available for new Curators
05 - X of Xs v2 - Gold *available for new Curators
06 - Mr. X Curators v1 *gifted to all Curators
07 - 100 Panel Glow 💯 *gifted to complete collectors
08 - Mr. X Curators Ranger Eyes v2 *gifted randomly

*updated 8/1/20