Our Banner in the Sky Drop Schedule

Drop / Sales locations and times as follow:

Our Banner in the Sky

Limited to 180. Limit 3 per person.

Mr. X Label
Monday, June 17th
6:00pm Eastern

Morale Patch Classifieds
Monday, June 17th
8:00pm Eastern

Toyota Patch Club
Tuesday, June 18th
3:00pm Eastern

WEB: MrXLabel.com
Tuesday, June 18th
8:00pm Eastern

*surprise Instagram and FaceBook drops can happen off-schedule*

For Updated Information
Mr. X Label FaceBook Group

Product Information
Our Banner in the Sky

Exclusive Limited Add-on: Mr. X Label v3

Drop Procedure
At the time of the drop, a new "drop" post will be posted in the Facebook group.

Comment "IN" and be within the drop-limit to qualify for purchase.
If you qualify*, purchase instructions will be PM'd to you in Facebook.
*Qualifications are subject to Mr. X discretion

*All orders to mail out by June 22nd 2019*