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A Piece Starry Night

This PVC patch pops with brilliant color! Absolutely joy leaps off this canvas as it presents you with but a smidge of patch rendition of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. A must own!

The Lovers Patch
Angie S.
Such a beautiful recreation in patch form!

While the majority of us can only dream of owning an original piece of artwork - Mr X patches make that dream a reality. The frames are artworks on their own and beautifully surround the piece to create an exquisite display! The Lovers is an instant favorite and is a perfect tribute to the original Magritte masterpiece.


Truely beautiful work from an amazing artist.


The design, quality, and style - simply exceptional!

Always excellent!

Always excellent!

Cool design and epic execution!

Such a clean and unique design.

X wet paint...

The Paint Drip X Patch is one of my favorites in the series. Love the bright colors!

Mr X does Warhol justice!

If you’ve ever wanted to own a coveted Warhol Marilyn Monroe but in a fun, smaller size for a fraction of this price - THIS is the way to go! I highly recommend collecting all the color variations and displaying side by side for the full classic Warhol effect!


All one needs to do is look through the past projects on the Mr. X Label website, and you'll see the depth and breadth of creative work which goes into translating classic art forms into embroidered art.

Outstanding and creative work...

Amazing as usual !

Mr X always putting out awesome patches with his own touch on classic art .


As usual, the patch looks incredible in person and as always, I love the frame that just adds to the overall presentation. Don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed by a Mr. X work of art!

Sun flower

So detailed, beautiful colors. Work of art in threads

Absolutely stunning! Compliments to the

Absolutely stunning! Compliments to the frame provided as well!

Logo v3

As always even the simple designs are incredible when in your hands.

As good as gold

The perfect compliment to your Mr X collection - the Mr X label in gold, naturally.

This thing GLOWS!

It’s hard to find GITD that beats Mr X. These stitches light up like nobody’s business. The exquisite detailing makes this piece a beauty in daylight and in the dark too!

Beautiful done right!!!!!

Thank you for these beautiful pieces of history!!!

Great quality, awesome artist

Attention to detail is awesome in this piece, cherry border and ID card are the perfect touch to go with it!!

There are no words

Mr X pieces are exquisitely crafted to absolute perfection with unparalleled attention to detail. These are patches you can study with a magnifying glass and be blown away. The framed items offer a 2nd art piece that beautifully enhances each patch. From packaging to information included on the art cards - Mr X truly goes above and beyond to capture the essence that draws us to the original artworks while making them uniquely his own. As a curator of these fine pieces, I am amazed every time I get a new shipment. You will never be disappointed with an artwork by Mr X Label.

MR X never fails to impress!

This patch is so amazing, when you see it, it will make you wonder why you don't have an eye patch and a peg leg. Own it, and you'll instantly become a rum-loving, booty- chasing scallywag. Yes...it is that epic.

Beautiful piece!

Beautiful piece!

Singapore Flag Patch
Muhammad D.
Singapore Patch

Awesome! Nice patch with a decent size!

Just awesome!!

Amazing quality products that never disappoint

Pirate flag and Sg flag

Delivery was fast and prompt. Great quality of patches! definitely coming back for more!


Stunning as are all products produced by “Mr. X” :heart:️