X Day


The Celebration of Art!
On the 10th of every month.

Art brings us together, through present joys, and past reminiscing. The powerful energy surrounding Mr. X is nothing short of Magical. Everyone has felt its enchantment. From the wonderful patches to grace the patch world, to the fantastic and heartwarming people that embrace it.

Once every month, this amazing community comes together to share this Magic. This Mr. X Magic. All you need to do is use the hashtag #XDay on the 10th along with an amazing picture of Mr. X patches. Post in any of the various patch groups that Mr. X posts in. I will select some random winners evenly across the groups...and a few of my favorites. Epic patches, epic displays. There will be patches, pre-INs, and other prizes up for grabs.

This is a Celebration. These are X days. This is Mr. X.
-Mr. X sends his regards