Pirate Flag v.Mega (15" x 6")

John Rackham's Flag infamously known as Calico Jack
Skull over crossed cutlasses
Mega Glow White Edition
#7 in The Mega Collection

100% embroidered patch with hook backing
15" wide by 6" tall
(6.2 times bigger than the original patch)

Special Detail: Over 800 satin-stitched color-blocks with glowing skull and cutlasses.

Limited Edition
Original Release Date: November 8, 2019

Companion Sticker - Click Here to View
Same artwork of the patch. 4" wide stickers available
Made from a durable vinyl with a laminate that protects your stickers from scratching, rain and sunlight.


Sales start 11/8/19 at 10am eastern
Sales end 11/16/19 at 8pm eastern

The first option comes with a Red Jack Pirate Flag. The Red Jack will mail out early next week.

The classic Mr. X Pirate Flag gets MEGA treatment!! I love the Mega Collection. This is where the colors have room to breath, and the details can be beautifully displayed. Everything is amped up and the Glow on this one is epic!

I am doing something special with this project. I will limit the patch quantity to pre-orders only. You will find out the limited number when you get your patch and see your art card. The price will be $70 (plus about $5 for usa-mail). The deposit will be $20 and the balance of $50 will be due right before mailing. 

Patch Size:
15" wide by 6" tall - 6.2x bigger than the OG

Pre-order Details:
-Total cost = $70 plus mail
-Deposit to reserve the patch = $20
---Deposit is non-refundable
-Limited Red Jack available as an add-on for $17
---Red Jack is 6" wide x 2.4" tall with GITD
---Normal mailing rates apply to the Red Jack
---The Red Jack will mail soon after your order
-Due at shipping time = $50 plus mail
-Limited amount = amount sold in pre-sales
-NO DROPS after pre-sales close
-Estimated shipping is approximately 2-4 weeks
---Updates will be sent out when information is available
*Mr. X will keep 3-5 numbered patches for his personal collection
-No Limit on purchase quantity
-8 week limit on balance payment from balance request.
---Deposit is forfeited after 8 weeks.

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