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Welcome to this new page for 100% Mr. X Label Collectors

I will continue to update this page regularly. Please check back often for updates.

August 14, 2020
I created a new Facebook Group chat for the 100 Club. I added every member. If you are not in it, please PM me on Facebook.

August 11, 2020

Thank you to the 100 Club members who responded to my email last night,  and for those who got the drop today!
Great Wave v.Night Drop drop page. Get your order IN today!  Expired Link 

August 7, 2020
Rule Update - If you miss a drop, you have a 3 week grace period to recover your 100% status.

August 6, 2020
Son of Man Heart drop page. Get your order IN today! Expired Link 

August 5, 2020
You can now view your 100 status on your account page!! 

SEPT 3, 2020: Prototype Testing - Wrapped Seal X - 'so cool'
These will be made and released sometime in the near future!

AUGUST 14, 2020: Spring Night by Martin Lewis (Australian Artist)
This piece has some important personal history. I drew/created it coming out of a dark dark place. If you remember, I did not drop any patches in January 2019. The flow of Mr. X patches usually takes 3-8 months from idea to drop. And in late 2018, I suffered emotionally and mentally, which caused an art/inspiration drought. While I disliked this patch when I got them in, probably because of drawing while in a dark place, this patch has grown on me. It is dark and very unique.
**PM me on FB if you really like this one and think it deserves to be released!
***9/1/2020 update: I dont think these will be dropped. Possibly a limited reward patch in the future.

AUGUST 5, 2020: Prototype Testing - 100% Seal of Authenticity
These will be made and released sometime in the near future!

A few notes to begin with....
  • This page will only work for your account and only if you are logged in.
  • Please do not share any of the content on this page.
  • I will keep this page up-to-date with relevant news for 100% collectors
  • I will post a drop link on this page when pre-INs are available.

 A few small favors to help the brand....

  • Please continue to participate in drops. Get your IN.
  • Please like and/or comment in my posts in the various Facebook groups.
    • I can't stress enough how much this helps and encourages me to post.

This is a new program and a work-in-progress. Please PM me on Facebook with any recommendations, comments, or concerns.

Please check back periodically

Long Live 💯
-Mr. X sends his regards

Last updated on August 14th, 2020