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Starry Night MEGA Panoramic - 4:1 Patch

A stunning 4:1 (4 times wider than it is tall) interpretation of Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night. 
100% embroidered patch with hook backing
Patch: 16.00" wide by 4.00" tall
Laser engraved bamboo frame with hook backing
Frame: 17.44" wide by 5.70" tall

Pre-order Details:
2 buying options = Patch with Frame OR Patch-only

 Patch and Frame Patch- only
Total cost = $110 + mail Total cost = $86 + mail
US mail is approx $7 US mail is approx $5
Deposit = $49
Due at mailing time = $61 + mail
Deposit = $40
Due at mailing time = $46 + mail

-can be added for $24 + $2 mail before June 26th
-price after June 26th will be $36 + mail
Limited Amount:
-100 patches
-Per person limit - 4 max
Estimated shipping:
-Approximately Mid-July
---Updates will be sent out when information is available
---orders will ship in-order, first batch could ship a week earlier.
Other Notes:
-4 week limit on balance payment from balance request.
---Deposit is forfeited after 4 weeks.

Limited Edition - Sold Out
Only available on the secondary market: Click Here to Visit

100 patches
Original Release Date: June 6, 2021

Customer Reviews

Based on 152 reviews
Angie S.
A Piece Starry Night

This PVC patch pops with brilliant color! Absolutely joy leaps off this canvas as it presents you with but a smidge of patch rendition of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. A must own!

Angie S.
Such a beautiful recreation in patch form!

While the majority of us can only dream of owning an original piece of artwork - Mr X patches make that dream a reality. The frames are artworks on their own and beautifully surround the piece to create an exquisite display! The Lovers is an instant favorite and is a perfect tribute to the original Magritte masterpiece.

Jim P.

The design, quality, and style - simply exceptional!

Nick E.

Truely beautiful work from an amazing artist.

Jeff S.
Always excellent!

Always excellent!