The Kiss Patch

A Mr. X rendition of The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

100% embroidered patch with hook backing
3.85" wide by 3.85" tall
Laser engraved walnut frame with hook backing
5.00" wide by 5.00" tall

Klimt, an Austrian painter, created The Kiss as his Gold Period’s final painting. In this painting, the man wears a masculine robe with dark blocks, while the woman exhibits a feminine nature with bright florals and circles. Through this personal symbolic language, Klimt expressed a moment of intense sensual pleasure, within a complexly stylized and flat composition.

MR. X:
The interpretation and translation of the themes is the seen throughout this patch. Mr. X’s delicate attention is in the complex details. The man and woman are both together and individualized with stitch patterns. While the background is set to breath focus back onto the lover’s embrace. This level of design and attentiveness makes The Kiss an amazing patch!

Original Release Date: April 19, 2020

Special Detail: Robustly detailed man and woman embraced in the center of a simplified background.

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