Our Banner in the Sky

A Mr. X rendition of Our Banner in the Sky by Frederic Edwin Church
100% embroidered patch with hook backing
4.58" wide by 3.11" tall

Laser engraved cherry frame with hook backing
5.76" wide by 4.29" tall

Limited Edition - Sold Out
Only available on the secondary market: Click Here to Visit

180 patches (Limit 3 per person)
Original Release Date: June 17, 2019

Special Detail: Bursting colors and undulating sky reveal and hide a majestic symbol.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Oscar F.
Beautiful done right!!!!!

Thank you for these beautiful pieces of history!!!

Shaun S.
Great quality, awesome artist

Attention to detail is awesome in this piece, cherry border and ID card are the perfect touch to go with it!!

Ang S
There are no words

Mr X pieces are exquisitely crafted to absolute perfection with unparalleled attention to detail. These are patches you can study with a magnifying glass and be blown away. The framed items offer a 2nd art piece that beautifully enhances each patch. From packaging to information included on the art cards - Mr X truly goes above and beyond to capture the essence that draws us to the original artworks while making them uniquely his own. As a curator of these fine pieces, I am amazed every time I get a new shipment. You will never be disappointed with an artwork by Mr X Label.